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57 _ deceleration stepper motor type stepping motor load custom

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
Because of the open loop control system has convenient operation, the advantages of low price, so our country is basically used by reactive stepper motor open-loop control is given priority to. Below small make up teach you how to solve the problem of not a stepping motor.

line problems generally reflect on old equipment, because the circuit is easy to ignore the problem, based on the signal line and planetary gear motor are possible, first to a deduction.

1, the two are not a stepping motor. Consider the power supply circuit. Control signal input circuit, basic can be ruled out because the motor line problem. ( If only one could work more easy) 。

2, the power supply problem is more simple, off the power supply of a set of drive V +, V - If not, the power supply power, a basic no problem. General power ageing cause

3, line problem is more complex. But also very intuitive, problems occurred before have the occasional failure occur. Is the machine. If you have, just 100% can be sure the problem.

4, the signal problem is complicated, but the probability of two pulses were no less, if the pulse control two drive all the way, this problem is rare, However, few people use)

5, abrupt stop switch. If urgent stop switch is broken planetary gear motor is also oh.

the above content is to solve the problem of not a stepping motor is introduced, although the stepper motor applications, but its not like ordinary alternating ( Straight) Flow motor under the condition of normal use, and the running speed of from start to finish in the theory of situation, the ultimate start frequency is greater than the speed of the motor, the motor can be run by the requirement, and can achieve the desired speed.

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