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57 _ encoder stepper motor type stepping motor specification size

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
Stepper motor selection, the user must ensure that discerning eyes, in addition to this, of course, more important is, must be clear in some of the requirements, the model selection of the motor so as to better the choose and buy of the motor. Attention should be paid to step on from the Angle of requirement. Step motor of elongation depends on the accuracy requirement of the load, the load on the minimum resolution conversion to the planetary gear motor shaft, each equivalent motor should go how many angles. Step motor of pitch Angle should be equal to or less than this Angle.

and stepper motor selection to the requirement of static moment. Stepper motor dynamic torque a while it is difficult to determine, we tend to make sure the static torque of motor. Static moment of choice was based on motor work load, the load can be divided into two kinds of inertia load and friction load. Single inertial load, and there is no single friction load. Direct starting always have to consider two kinds of load, speed up starting the main consideration of inertia load, constant speed run into as long as considering the friction load.

and stepper motor selection to the current requirements. Static torque of planetary gear motor, due to current parameters is different, its operating characteristic difference is very big, to determine the motor current can refer to the drive power supply, and the driving voltage. And pay attention to the torque and power conversion. Stepper motor generally used in a wide range speed adjustment, is changing its power, is usually measured just moment.

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