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57 _ encoder type stepping motor design precision stepper motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
We all know can be a step motor driving gear coupling movement, also can be a servo motor, but for our equipment manufacturers, we should not only consider the function realization, but also to consider the cost of equipment integration, servo motor prices are much higher than the stepper motor, so for the drive motor, it is very important to choose what motor. Is to choose stepper motor or servo planetary gear motor? Know that time is very necessary. Choose which kind of motor, we mainly from the three aspects to consider.

1. Speed

the stepping motor speed is in commonly 600 - 1000 r/min

3000 - servo motor 5000 r/min

2. Torque

as the stepper motor speed increase torque in reducing, and servo planetary gear motor is constant torque, unless more than rated speed servo motor torque will reduce gradually.

3. Accuracy

we know that the precision of the stepper motor to step away from the Angle of measure, shangbu motor step away from the Angle of general market have 0. 36 degrees / 0. 72 degrees, zero. 9 degrees / 1. 8 degrees, 1. 5/3 degrees.

0. 360/10000 = 036

assume that brought after the step motor and encoder, then the formula is equivalent to one revolution of the motor issue 10000 pulse encoder, the encoder resolution is 10000.

the precision of the servo motor is measured by the backend encoder resolution, machine servo encoder resolution now reach the 23 power of 2, the precision of servo motor than high precision stepper motor.

as for between the stepper motor or servo motor, the planetary gear motor can be selected on the basis of the above we choose conditions, if choose servo motor, so how do we determine the servo motor selection and parameters?

selected servo motor, we according to these three factors:

1. Speed:

N: motor speed

V: object movement speed

PB: screw lead ( mm)

speed selection criteria: N is less than the rated rotary speed of the motor is 0. Eight times


T r: drive torque always

T load, load torque

T inertia, moment of inertia torque

F: gravity that is multiplied by the friction coefficient load load reasoning

PB: screw lead

J r: the system total inertia

& beta; : angular acceleration

J load: load moment of inertia of the

J coupling, coupling the moment of inertia of the

J screw, screw the moment of inertia of the

M: load weight

D: diameter

N: speed

torque selection criteria: T always less than 0 of the motor rated torque. Eight times

2. Accuracy

we common screw, for example, to see the servo motor and screw matching

in precision grade for C6 screw, for example, now don't consider the load size, speed and reduction ratio to add and subtract. C6 repeat positioning accuracy is 0. Lead is 5 mm, 023 mm, the servo motor encoder resolution than theory can meet the demand of positioning. But in reality, whether it's speed, torque, or accuracy of the choice is to leave some leeway.

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