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57 _ encoder type stepping motor precision stepper motor speed

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
The operation of the stepping motor to one electronic device drivers, the device is stepper motor drives, it is the pulse signal from the control system, to amplify to drive the stepper planetary gear motor. Stepper motor speed is proportional to the pulse signal frequency, controls the frequency of the step pulse signal, motor can be precise control of motor speed; Control of stepper pulse number, can accurate positioning on the motor.

in the hospital medical equipment from patients recently, you need to use the stepper motor of small vibration, low noise. Quantitative liquid transmission and transmission of management to use high precision infusion pump drive equipment and a variety of analytical instruments, etc. , infusion adopt stepper motor is very appropriate.

who work in the medical device production any time all know, the machining accuracy is critical. In order to improve the efficiency and precision products, some of the OEM may consider to switch to the more expensive servo and stepper motor. Through to reassess what manufacturers need, from their expectations motor, medical manufacturers can rediscover and the darling of the motion control technology.

stepper motor has been used in medical applications due to its powerful features, performance for decades, and overall value. Innovation, the step motor are put forward, rare earth magnets are used, and cause greater torque. In fact, today's stepping motor has more torque than their peers about 150% similar dimension 20 years ago. In addition, the processing technology has greatly improved, smaller motor manufacturing.

with strong magnet coupling, small stepper motor can do a bigger motor today. In addition to cause more save a space, in material and manufacturing process innovation has also led to higher efficiency motors. For most of the input power into heat and waste, high efficiency, the stepper motor only little energy waste and saving more money by reducing energy use, and able to work in a continuous cycle operation.

some manufacturers a wide range of selection of medical applications of stepper motor made the difference.

analyzer can have 50 axis movement, it depends on the process of upward. Stepper motor is because they can open loop operation of the fact that the obvious choice. To shut down of 50 axis circulation will be high cost. This machine is mainly used in the laboratory environment, therefore low audible noise is required. A 0. 36 o step by step motor is because in low noise vibration transmission results perfect solution. In addition, the machine must comply with certain form factor. Because the appearance of various sizes, pony, can be used for shaft parts, reduce the overall size of the machine. Finally, the energy consumption and operation cost, high efficiency motor to reduce some or all of the shaft will be a good solution. Finally, XY sampling accuracy requirement is high, to ensure that the suction well. Stepper motor and mechanical high resolution by increasing the number of teeth is complete, has the best accuracy of various kinds of stepping motor.

Japan mountain club brand high-performance stepper motor drive controller is the biggest characteristic is small volume, driving ability. Combined with the corresponding flange, can be directly fixed on 28/42/57/110 series of stepper motor. Its thickness is less than 16. 5 mm, instruction of simple structure, high fault tolerance. Drive controller shell aluminum alloy castings for the whole, strong and durable, good heat dissipation performance.

in the future can take the place of people complete treatment, accurate action and quiet degree is high, the use of stepper motor medical equipment will be more and more applied in the clinical. These devices in the future will use more high positioning accuracy, easy to open loop and closed loop speed control of step motor.

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