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57 stepper motor type stepping motor company _ encoder to use

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-03
Photoelectric switch is often used as a stepping planetary gear motor control system, servo motor control system of the zero sensor, the sensitivity and accuracy because it is much higher than the proximity switch. Infrared is not a point, but a surface, when the rays between the transmitter and the receiver obscured, threshold value to judge for state changes, a signal. Average error of the photoelectric switch several wire to wire, even though some of the so-called imported high-end photoelectric medallion 0. In actual application of 0001 mm, also can not reach the accuracy, because the photoelectric switch is bound to be influenced by dust, outside light, the light transmittance, refractive index of shelter itself.

in addition to the radio, film and the precision of the switch itself, but also consider the stop signal response speed and planetary gear motor speed.

photoelectric switch obscured to the threshold, the photoelectric switch itself to respond, signaling to the PLC, PLC in send halt instruction to drive, this is a process of transmission, and the process, the motor has been moving again, the displacement of the sensor are often more than the best detection point, especially in fast, the application of load change, of the uncertainty of the displacement, seriously affected the stepper motor, servo planetary gear motor for zero position precision.

so the change of action must be slow. Single sensor sliding table change correct posture is like this.

add total travel 10000 pulse, so the slower speed,

the forwarding 1100 pulse change

no detected signals, may be a sensor failure, it is possible that the direction of error signal, immediately report to the police.

stop immediately after get the sensor signal, avoid overshoot too much damage to the hardware.

1000 pulse forward again leave sensor detection range

to reverse at slow speed, until they get the sensor signal.

and in the subsequent action back to zero, with a fixed position command back to zero, don't change again and again, always have error because of the change process.
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