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57 stepper motor type stepping motor manual _ encoder which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
In bag making, filling and sealing packing machine, the required packing plastic film positioning fixed-length supply, regardless of intermittent or continuous supply, supply reliable can use stepper motor to complete.

  1. Used for intermittent packing machine

batch packaging machine using stepper motor for membrane, reliability can be improved. The crank connecting rod mechanism of earlier packaging film for intermittent drawstring, complex structure, the adjustment is difficult, especially when you need to replace the product, not only adjust the difficult, and waste a lot of packaging film. Adopt stepper motor and pull roller directly connected with not only the structure is simplified, and the adjustment is very convenient, as long as can be achieved via a button on the control panel, adjust it saves time, and save the packaging material.

in the intermittent packaging machine, packaging material can use for control of two modes: bag length control pattern and color scale control mode. Bag length control mode is suitable for packaging film, with no color mark is accomplished by means of a pre-determined stepper motor speed, turn empty than set by dial the code switch can be achieved. Color scale models are equipped with a photoelectric switch, photoelectric switch to detect color mark position, when detect color scale, a control switch signals, after stepping planetary gear motor by the signal, stop running, delay after a certain time, then turn for membrane, the cycle, guarantee position fixed length according to the color target for the film.

in a continuous type packaging machine, horizontal sealing is an important actuator, is one of more complex mechanism of packaging machine. Especially for non-ferrous file of packaging film, sealing and cutting position is extremely strict requirements, in order to improve the accuracy of the cut, people has developed the eccentric sprocket mechanism, crank guide-bar mechanism, etc. , but these institutions are so troublesome to adjust, the shortcomings of low reliability. The main cause of these weaknesses is technological requirements cross seal round constant speed horizontal location and seal cutting.

stepper motor direct drive horizontal sealing wheel can realize synchronous speed. Continuous type of packaging machine for membrane is continuous membrane, horizontal transverse sealing requirement when sealing the linear velocity of synchronization with the speed of the film for, in order to avoid has the tear film and film accumulation situation, due to the lateral sealing the diameter of the wheel is constant, when change the bag length, by changing the horizontal sealing wheel speed is required to change, but the transverse seal need a certain amount of time, that is horizontal wheel and sealing film from contact to leave takes constant time, otherwise the sealing noisy. Horizontal sealing wheel turn per week of total time and transverse seal need time is constant, to meet the requirements of synchronous speed, the step motor speed within a week can be classified into two parts, part of the first meet the requirements of synchronous speed, the other part of the light to meet the requirements of the total time a week.

in order to achieve good sealing quality, also can be used to stepper motor the transverse seal round realization of non equilibrium speed control mode, is in the lateral sealing of each point to realize speed synchronization, limited to space, here no longer.

the characteristics of the stepper motor is mainly due to three aspects, one is the characteristic of overload. Its speed is not affected by the size of the load, unlike ordinary motor, when the load increase would be a drop in speed, so the stepper motor used in all has the strict request to the speed and position of the occasion; Second, the control is convenient. Stepper motor is & other; Step & throughout; The obvious features of rotating for the unit, digital, computer control has brought great convenience to, in turn, the advent of the computer for stepping motor has opened up a wider use of market; 3 it is the whole machine structure is simple. The traditional mechanical speed and position control structure is more complex, adjustment difficulties, using stepper motor, makes the whole machine structure is simple and compact.

stepper motor in the use of packaging machinery has just started, many traditional mechanical control mode can use stepper motor to replace, in addition to some of the USES described above, it is still in print, filling and bursa bag, etc, the application of trust in a relatively short period of time, China's packaging machinery industry will have on the stepper motor technology platform onto a new level.

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