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57 stepper motor type stepping motor speed _ encoder mute

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-01
Usually to understand the dynamic performance for a model, you must first know what engine, the car pick up for engine is the heart of the whole car. So for electric vehicles, its heart is the drive motor. And we are checking information on most of the electric power system, there is a high frequency of nouns, it is permanent magnet synchronous motor. Reason is the present domestic most pure electric vehicles are choose this kind of planetary gear motor as power source.

new energy passenger car is now only in permanent magnet synchronous motor? Actually otherwise, the part of high pure electric vehicles will choose to use ac asynchronous motor, such as tesla, wei. In addition, in the audi e - in domestic market Tron and Beijing Benz EQC is equally front axle mount two ac asynchronous motor. Compared with the domestic mainstream electric vehicles using permanent magnet synchronous motor, the price is more expensive positioning high-end electric vehicles used in higher induction motor will be more advanced?

what's the difference between two types of relative?

working principle of the motor is electrified coil in changing magnetic field force, through the interaction of two magnetic field, produced by electromagnetic torque is transformed into kinetic energy to drive the car. Of magnetic fields generated in this way, it formed the ac asynchronous motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor.

the biggest advantage of permanent magnet synchronous motor is with very high power density and torque density, and lower energy consumption. Under the same weight and volume, the permanent magnet synchronous motor can output higher power and torque. Similarly, in the case of the same power and torque, the permanent magnet synchronous planetary gear motor can obtain the minimum weight and volume, for another extremely important parts & other; Power battery & throughout; To set aside enough space and quality. And weakness is the motor required permanent magnet material price is high, so as to improve the manufacturing costs of motor vehicle even.

the advantages and disadvantages of ac asynchronous motor is just the opposite with permanent magnet synchronous motor, the advantages of the former is in making permanent magnet motor without expensive, so cheaper, and the process is simple, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, able to work in the complex work environment, and major changes to the operating temperature of the surrounding have strong ability to adapt. Faults are under the same power and torque, the volume and weight of the asynchronous motor need greater than the permanent magnet synchronous planetary gear motor, and energy consumption is relatively higher.

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