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57 _ type stepping motor size reduction stepper motor manufacturers

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-03
At present, the application field of stepper planetary gear motor is more and more widely, applications in machinery, electronics, textile and other industries, the following brief introduction:

1. Stepper motor is mainly used in some places that have requirements of positioning requirement.

example: wire cutting workbench drag, flocking machine workbench ( Pore) , packing machine, Fixed length) 。 Basically involves positioning occasions are applied.

2. Widely used in the ATM machine, spraying machine, carving machine, pictorial machine, spraying equipment, medical instrument and equipment, computer peripherals and mass storage equipment, precision instruments, industrial control system, office automation, robots and other fields.

is especially suitable for smooth operation, low noise, fast response, long service life, high output torque.

3. Stepper motor in the computer embroidery machine is widely used in textile machinery and equipment, such as the characteristics of this kind of stepper motor is to keep the torque is not high, frequent startup response speed, low noise, smooth operation, operation control performance is good, the machine cost is low. And the cost is relatively high. The subdivided driving technology can greatly improve the stepping planetary gear motor running quality, reduce the torque ripple, restrain oscillation, reduce noise and improve resolution step moment. If using reactive stepper planetary gear motor, the performance improved obviously at the same time also can reduce the cost of the products.

Currently there is a global trend growing. People are more conscious about planetary gear motor and are seeking alternatives to traditional solutions.
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