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57 _ type stepping motor specification deceleration stepper motor parameters

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-02
PID control

PID control as a kind of simple and practical control method, the step motor obtained widespread application in the drive. It is according to the given value r ( t) And the actual output value c ( t) A control deviation e ( t) , the deviation of proportion, integral and differential through the linear combination of control volume, to control the controlled object. Document will be integrated in the position sensor is used for two phase hybrid stepping motor, based on the position detector and vector control, designed a can automatically adjust the PI speed controller, this controller under the condition of variable condition can provide satisfactory transient characteristics. Documents according to the mathematical model of stepper motor, the stepper motor PID control system were designed, using PID control algorithm under control, so as to control the motor to the specified location. Finally, the simulation shows that this control has good dynamic response. The PID controller has a simple structure, strong robustness and high reliability etc, but it can not effectively deal with the uncertain information in the system.

adaptive control

adaptive control is developed in the 1950 s a branch in the field of automatic control. It is as the control of complicated object, when the dynamic characteristics of unknown or unpredictable changes, to obtain high performance controller. Its main advantage is easy to implement and adaptive speed, can effectively overcome the influence caused by the gradual change of motor parameters to track the reference signal is the output signal. Literature researchers according to linear or approximate linear model of step motor is deduced from the global stability of the adaptive control algorithm, the control algorithm are heavily dependent on the planetary gear motor parameters. Literature combines a closed-loop feedback control and adaptive control to detect the rotor position and speed, through feedback and adaptive processing, according to the optimization of elevator running curve, automatically drive pulse sequence, improve the drag torque characteristic of the motor, motor and get more accurate position control and relatively stable high speed.

at present, many scholars combining adaptive control and other control methods, in order to solve the shortcomings of simple adaptive control. Literature design a robust adaptive speed servo controller, make sure the transfer artery torque compensation and the maximization of tracking control performance of servo system at low speed and high precision. Literature realize adaptive fuzzy PID controller can be according to the variation of input error and error change rate, through fuzzy reasoning online adjustment of PID parameters, the adaptive control of the stepper motor, so as to effectively improve the response time of the system, calculation accuracy and anti-interference.

vector control

vector control is the theoretical basis of modern high performance motor control, can improve the motor torque control performance. It through the stator current is divided into excitation field oriented components and torque control respectively, and obtain good decoupling characteristic, therefore, need to control the amplitude of the stator current vector control, and the need to control the phase current. Not only is there the Lord because of the stepper motor electromagnetic torque, and the magnetic resistance torque generated in the double convex structure, and the internal magnetic field structure is complex, nonlinear general motor is much more serious, so its vector control is more complex. Deduced the d - two-phase hybrid stepping motor Mathematical model of the q axis with permanent magnet rotor flux for directional coordinate system, the direct axis current id = 0, motor electromagnetic torque is proportional to the IQ, the vector control system with PC to realize. System sensors used in the motor winding current and indicate the position, control motor winding current in PWM mode. Wen is deduced based on the magnetic network model of two-phase hybrid stepping motor is given its vector control structure of the position servo system, using the neural network model reference adaptive control strategy of uncertain factors in the system of the real-time compensation, through the maximum torque/current vector control to realize the efficient control of the machine.

the application of intelligent control

do not rely on intelligent control or does not rely solely on the mathematical model of controlled object, only according to the actual effect, be able to consider in the control system of the uncertainty and accuracy, break through the framework of traditional control must be based on the mathematical model. At present, the intelligent control applied in the screw step motor system is a mature of fuzzy logic control, neural network and intelligent control of integration.

fuzzy control

fuzzy control is on the basis of the fuzzy model of controlled object, the fuzzy controller of approximate reasoning methods, achieve system control method. As a way of direct simulation results of human mind control, fuzzy control has been widely used in industrial control field. Compared with the conventional control, fuzzy control do not need precise mathematical model, has stronger robustness and adaptability, therefore is suitable for nonlinear, time-varying, time-delay system control. Fuzzy control is given in the two-phase hybrid stepping motor speed control applications. System designed for lead Angle control, without the mathematical model of speed response time is short.

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