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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
Used linear gear coupling's friends know or understand a little, linear module has two different types of driving mode. Different drive mode and its different characteristic, also has its corresponding use environment. Is that? Is the synchronous belt type and screw type, the two are different drive mode of linear module, is also two kinds of different structure.

for linear gear coupling synchronous belt drive advantages and features of type and screw type section said in the last chapter, now we know the two different drive types of linear gear coupling, because of different structure, they are what are the parts. For sellers and buyers are need to know about the assembly process of, know of parts to better understand the linear module.

type synchronous linear module component parts: synchronous belt, linear guide, aluminum alloy profile, synchronous wheel, planetary gear motor, photoelectric switch and other accessories.

linear module of screw type parts, ball screw, ball screw, linear guide, aluminum alloy profile brackets, coupling, motor, photoelectric switch and other accessories.

from this comparison we can see two different drive mode linear module of the component parts of the structure of the difference, because there are such differences we know why these two different types of why prices will have difference, although some parts are the same, but the fundamental changes have taken place in its core components. And the two different types of name, but also for the parts of the structure of the differences.

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