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by:Zhenyu      2020-10-20
Brushless motor, also called no commutator motor, no commutator dc motor. It is a semiconductor inverter to replace general mechanical commutator in dc motor, constitute no dc motor commutator. Is composed of main body of the motor and drive, is a kind of typical mechatronics product. Because of brushless dc motor based on automatic running, so will not like the synchronous motor frequency control of motor speed under overload start plus startup winding on the rotor, also won't generate oscillation and step out when load mutation. Medium and small capacity of the permanent magnet brushless dc motor (BLDCM), now many rare earth ndfeb material using high magnetic energy product. As a result, the volume of rare earth permanent magnet brushless motor than three-phase asynchronous motor with capacity reduces a frame number.

the stator winding of the motor to make more balanced three-phase y connection, and is similar to the three-phase asynchronous motor. On the rotor of the motor with the magnetization of the permanent magnet has, in order to detect the polarity of the motor rotor, inside the planetary gear motor is equipped with position sensor. Drive consists of power electronic devices and integrated circuit, its function is: accept the motor start, stop, brake signal, to control the motor start, stop, braking; Accept the position sensor signals and positive &negative, used to control the inverter bridge on and off of each power tube produce continuous torque; Accept the speed instruction and speed feedback signal, which is used to control and adjust the speed; To provide protection and display, and so on.

study of asynchronous motor frequency control of motor speed, in the final analysis is looking for a way to control the asynchronous motor torque, rare earth permanent magnet brushless dc motor is bound to in the wide speed range, small volume, high efficiency and steady speed and small error characteristics appeared in the field of speed advantage.

because of brushless dc motor has the characteristics of a dc motor, is also the electric drill speed reducer of frequency variation, so also known as dc frequency conversion. Brushless dc motor operation efficiency and precision of low speed torque and rotational speed is more good than any of the control technology of inverter, so the industry concern. Production 55 kw, this product has been designed to 400 kw, can solve industry energy saving and the requirement of high performance drive.

the development of brushless motor in our time is short, but as the technology increasingly mature and perfect got rapid development. Has been used in model aircraft, medical equipment, household electrical appliances, motor, and other fields is widely used, and in shenzhen, changsha, Shanghai and other places to form certain scale industrial chain. In recent years, the brushless motor become a rapid development in the field of model of a kind of power. Because of production and price, over the past few years brushless motor used in high-grade aviation model, now due to the rapid development of machining technology, the production cost of brushless motors dropped many, it is into the model in the field of all levels, from electric remote control cars to electric remote control boat to electric model planes, everywhere.

a lot of people have seen the model with brushless motors, batteries, they use so a lot of people there have been such a misunderstanding in the knowledge, thought the brushless motor is a dc motor, actually otherwise, brushless motor is ac motor, is a kind of three-phase ac permanent magnet motor, brushless motor input model 3 wire circuits are alternating current (ac), it's just, it is not a 50 hz ac mains sine wave, but from the brushless motor controller of three-phase alternating rectangular wave modulation, frequency is higher than 50 hz, and the changes over the motor speed.
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