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ac heating repair info

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-13
Exchange heating repair information before performing any type of communication
You must know how the air conditioning system works.
The first part is the compressor.
Its task is to condense low pressure refrigerant gas into high pressure gas at high temperature.
This part of the air conditioner is outside your home.
The compressor is a high-pressure pump that works using an electric motor.
The lower part of the air conditioner is the condenser, or the condensate unit.
It usually has a condensation coil inside.
Drive air through its high pressure, high temperature refrigerant airflow and fan.
This converts the refrigerant gas into a liquid state.
The unit is a coil consisting of a fin tube and an air drive through the coil.
In addition to the compressor, the condenser also exists outside your home.
When the refrigerant is converted from a thermal pressure gas to a liquid, heat is generated as well as the heat collected from the chamber, and then the heat is discharged outside.
3rd part of the air conditioning system is the metering device.
These discharge the liquid refrigerant in the evaporator coil.
The device may just be a thin tube, but in a few cases it may be a TEV (
Constant temperature expansion valve).
These include temperature sensing control, which can turn the device on and off under the drive of the refrigerant.
Regarding the evaporator coil, also known as the cooling coil, you must also know the heating repair.
The evaporator coil or cooling coil is part of the fin tube (
Similar car radiator)
The liquid refrigerant is delivered to it and converted from liquid to gas.
This change of refrigerant from liquid to gas controls heat, cools the evaporator coil, and then cools the calm air of the cooling coil cycle.
Typically, cooling coils are critical to the air processor.
The next part is the air handling device and the blower device.
This combination provides a fan that can blow air outside the evaporator coil or through the evaporator coil.
The air abettor blower group transfers the air outside the evaporator coil and adjusts the action by cooling the air (
Also remove moisture from the cooled air).
The piping system is another part of the air conditioning equipment, you have to know about it before using the air conditioning
Heating Maintenance in New York
It transfers the air that has been adjusted from the handler to the occupied space and returns from there to the air handler.
The last part of the air conditioner you have to know is control and function.
These devices may include electrical switches, indoor thermostats, circuit breakers and fuses, air filters and condensate handling systems.
After you get to know these different parts, you can get a little idea of what the AC has to doHeating repair.
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