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Acura takes all-wheel drive to a new level

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-09
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Singing songs. handling all-wheel drive (SH-AWD)in 2007;
Combining stability control with vehicle performance is an innovative approach.
SH-instead of braking a wheel to control the directional stability of the vehicle
AWD accelerates one of the rear wheels to provide steering torque for vehicle stability without braking or slowing down the speed of the vehicle.
In the 2015 model year, Acura will SH-
AWD with hybrid system is available in the new Acura RLX to produce motion-hybrid super-handling all-wheel drive.
It feels like it\'s working to convince people of the technology in which the combined system generates faster acceleration in straight lines, better turns, vehicle stability and better fuel economy.
The RLX Sport Hybrid sedan combines three motors with one 3. 5 litre V-
6 performance of the engine to provide V-
8 engine and fuel economy equivalent to 4-cylinder.
Power properties combined with V-
6 engine with low gasr. p. m. -
The torque characteristic of the electric motor creates an acceleration, and every time you step on the throttle, you feel a small acceleration on the back.
The power transfer on the highway is very good, and when pulled away from the parking, it feels fast, but the combination of gas and electric propulsion is not just performance.
The pair is installed on the gas engine.
It\'s really the clutch transmission of the computer.
Manual transmission.
These types of transmissions are becoming more and more common in many car manufacturing due to their compact size and the high efficiency of the transmission system, which helps to improve fuel economy.
As part of this transmission, Acura includes a compact motor in the clutch assembly.
The motor is able to output about 47 hp at 3000 r. p. m.
More importantly, the torque of 109 feet is only 500 r. p. m. to 2000 r. p. m.
Part of this transmission\'s unique design is the main gear set in the transmission, essentially six-
Speed manual gearbox and ac song through compact-
Install the planetary gear into the clutch assembly to make it a seven-speed automatic transmission.
The front driver is assisted by an industry-first rear-axle twin-
Electric motor device.
Each motor in the center of the rear of the car drives one wheel and each wheel outputs approximately 37 horsepower and 52 feet lb torque.
Combined Electric-
Motor torque computer from gas engines and vehicles-
Control the torque of 341 feet.
The torque provided by the rear wheels is an important part of it, enough to help \"drive\" the vehicle.
When turning, the power can be applied to a rear motor, which generates a directional force that pushes the car around the corner, unlike other vehicles, these vehicles brake on the inside wheels of the corner, causing the car to turn.
Maintain complete performance by actually increasing the power of the steering car.
Not only that, blacksotoday
The hybrid system applies power to a wheel, which can also use the opposite rear wheel as a generator, while putting the power back into the hybrid battery.
This seems to be a complex operation that powers another wheel while using one wheel as a generator, but ac song programming not only seamlessly supplies power to the turn, but also to the stability control, so, it can switch power back and forth quickly and accurately.
The rear twin-
The motor unit has other advantages.
There is no drive on the vehicle, so the interior space can be optimized for the passenger room.
The vehicle can only be operated on an electric motor. During a low-
Speed Cruise, up to 90 km/h, the rear motor can use the power of the hybrid battery to move the vehicle for about 10 to 15 minutes depending on the charging state of the battery.
In the case of slippery or hard acceleration, the vehiclewheel-
Drive mode to improve traction.
During the deceleration, there are three motors that provide regenerative braking and charge the battery quickly.
With this unique design, Acura has produced a hybrid sedan
Better line and handling performance than all-wheel-drive non-
Hybrid cars and improved fuel economy.
Take one on the test drive and you will be surprised by how well it works. ã james. kerr@sasktel. . net
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