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Application of linear slide rail module _ _ linear motor module specification of longmen linear module customization

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Cross sliding table working principle is: through a set of linear sliding table fixed on another set of slider sliding block.

for example: figes cross slide the X axis fixed on the Y axis of the sliding table, so the slider on the X axis is moving targets, uniaxial arm can be controlled by the Y Y direction of a slider, by sliding block can be controlled by the X axis X direction, the movement way usually driven by external to end. End so will be able to make the slider end point in plane coordinate motion, linear or curvilinear motion.

1. Cross sliding table structure cross sliding table is to point to by two sets of linear sliding table in accordance with the X axis and Y axis direction combination of combination sliding table, also known as coordinate slider, XY table. Industry often with transverse shows the X axis, another axial is Y. The halfway point of the X axis and Y axle load timeliness, appearance looks in Chinese & other; Ten & throughout; Title of the word, cross slide.

2. Full motion as pillar type structure of machine tool based on the X axis stroke intrusive different manufacturing into the column type and dynamic column type, Y axis machine tool slide rail mounted on columns near surface; Z axis side hanging in the column next to the surface, because of its shape as a pillow, so called ram, rectangular manipulator in ram can extend the spindle head, indentation, called the W axis, diameter of axle is fine, stroke than Z axis stroke slightly smaller. This structure is mainly dealt with in the mechanical processing, many parts are relatively deep hole or meddle more difficult processing question.

cross slide application features:

1, the cross slide as the structure of the most frequently used in industrial automation, the point being heavily used in rubber, welding, SMT, marking, etc. With high efficiency, stability and application characteristics such as high precision positioning and security.

2, cross sliding machine tools main component is about lathe bed, table, column, beam, longmen, connection beam adopts resin sand molding, high quality alloy wear resistant cast iron casting.

3, cross sliding table has a door frame and long horizontal milling machine lathe bed, mechanical sliding table machining accuracy and productivity are high, suitable for batch and mass production of large workpieces in plane and slope. On the sliding table after the workpiece under the reciprocating motion, also can be in power the first on the slide after related accessories, through the movement of the sliding table, to various workpiece cutting, drilling, boring sport.

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