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Application _ type 57 stepper motor encoder stepper motor specifications

by:Zhenyu      2020-11-03
Stepper planetary gear motor drives the common faults and processing methods ( A)

is used to drive stepper motor drives for normal operation of the stepping motor, stepping motor drive is often used in CNC machine, computer embroidery machine, glue machine, automatic feeding system and other equipment. Because widely used industrial dosage is very large, nature is the probability of failure is high.

here are to analyze, stepper drives the common failure analysis and solution:

step 1, step motor drive the common faults of has been in a state of freedom, that MF signal is normal, appear this kind of circumstance of the solution, we will go to adjust MF signal circuit.

the common faults of 2 stepper drives, stepper planetary gear motor, the phenomenon of the lost step, this time of the first to see if shielded wire loose, is there a grounding, view the segment is correctly set, if the current small might also increase the current at this time, to solve the problem.

the stepping drive 3, alarm indicator, the common failures in this case, you need to check the voltage, and check the power supply. Another possibility is the stepper motor drive damaged, need to change the new stepper motor drives.

4, the common failures stepping drive planetary gear motor rotation direction errors, appear this kind of circumstance, the line is likely to be wrong. If line ruled out the wrong problem, that is the motor line open circuit, or is the signal may be interfered with, need to eliminate the interference problem.

stepper drives the common faults of 5, and the power light not bright light can be normal on TM or has been bright, this time may be a signal circuit without good reason, or the drive selection is not correct.

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