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Automation control + stepper motor + pulse you figure it out

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-21
Stepper planetary gear motor as a kind of commonly used electric actuators, widely used in automatic control field. Stepper motor operation be fitted with a special driving power, drive the power output of the pulse signal and the direction of the signal control from outside. Each pulse signal can make the stepping motor rotate a fixed Angle, this Angle is called interval Angle. The number of pulses determines the total rotation Angle, the frequency of the pulse to determine the speed of rotation. Determines the direction of rotation direction signal. In terms of a transmission ratio to determine the specific equipment, no distance, speed signal feedback loop, only need to control the number and frequency of the pulse can control equipment the moving distance and speed of the moving parts; And direction of the signal can control the direction of the mobile. So, for those applications where control accuracy is not high, with open loop control is a very technical scheme of the electrical control system of simple and economic.

operating method of stepping motor subdivision is very practical, although its steps from the Angle of subject to the conditions of mechanical manufacturing, cannot make very small, but it can be made by means of electrical control of stepping motor running from each whole steps into m a small step to complete, in order to improve the precision and stability of the equipment operation. Control stepping motor power pulse and direction of the signal source commonly used CNC system, but for some in the running process determine the moving distance and the speed of specific equipment, PLC ( Programmable controller) As an ideal technology solutions.

stepper planetary gear motor can't work directly to the dc or ac power, must use a dedicated driver power supply ( Stepper planetary gear motor drive) 。 Controller ( The pulse signal generator) Can control the number of pulses to control the amount of angular displacement, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; As well as by controlling the pulse frequency to control motor rotation speed and acceleration, so as to achieve the purpose of regulating.
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