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autos on friday /technology; looking under the hood of a hybrid honda

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-12
1999 Honda and Toyota are starting to use the same concept, a car driven by the inside
Each company will start shipping this hybrid car to dealers in a few months, and the first thing the Greens hope will be a lot of innovative cars from companies around the world.
But the two Japanese companies that will take the lead in the market have assembled similar ingredients into products different from chips and chips.
Honda Insight will hold its first mass in the exhibition hall on December.
Hybrid cars sold in this country. Two-
Seaters vaguely recall the Honda CRX that was discontinued in 1992 and they will have an electric carP. A.
The company says fuel economy is more than 70 miles per gallon and costs less than $20,000, including facilities such as keyless access and power windows (
Only manual transmission though, but at least for now).
There are 600 to 700 miles within 10 miles. 4-
Gallons of regular old unleaded gasoline, they avoid the dilemma of charging an electric car, charging again for about 100 miles, and then charging again.
Toyota Prius is already on the market in Japan and will be available in Japan later in the year for the 2000 model, a four-wheel drive
The manufacturer says it can travel more than 60 miles per gallon of gas.
The car will cost under $20,000. -
More than Corolla, almost the same size, and less than Camry.
With these groundbreaking hybrid cars on the market, a new question arises: how do hybrid cars power?
In a sense, advertising doesn\'t matter because both are more fuel --
More efficient than existing cars, and cleaner insight.
Energy Minister Bill Richardson said in a statement that because of its cleanliness, fuel efficiency and performance, hybrid cars can revolutionize the automotive industry.
But engineers have different strategies.
Insight is 73-
The combination of horsepower, including 67 gasoline engines and 6 electric motors. The 98-
HP Prius has a balance of 58 hp in the engine and a balance of 40 hp in the motor.
Prius operates only by electricity at low speeds;
Insight\'s motor is just a helper for gas engines. (
Not only is Prius technically different, but it has four doors and four seats, and it also targets different markets. )
A third way, an electric car.
Only the system of turning the wheels and a small gasoline engine charging the battery, due to its high potential for efficiency and cleanliness, attracted the attention of engineering students in the university competition. (
The engine that can be adjusted to run at a constant speed runs very clean. )
The approach taken by Honda is what some engineers call a \"light hybrid\", a small car that complements the power system by absorbing energy from a gas engine when the car does not accelerate, or convert the mechanical energy into current when the driver slows down to get the charge. (
Honda\'s designers say the mild hybrid is a vague term that stems from the power company\'s disappointment that the car will not charge from a wall socket. )
Regardless of its etymology, a gentle hybrid is a conservative idea because insight can be driven even if the electric side fails-
A Honda executive said that although it performed \"like a dog \".
But it also shows the value of incremental steps. Dan W.
Assistant Energy Secretary Reicher drove around Washington in half the time
The more than a dozen insights Honda brought last week are admirable, saying, \"This is very inconspicuous.
\"The car shows some clever technical tips that may be on other hybrids or other traditional cars.
The first ad is what Honda says is \"Idle Stop\", which means the engine shuts down when the speed slows down to less than 5 miles per hour.
Push the clutch in, throw the lever in the first gear, and the engine starts again.
It runs smoothly before the driver releases the clutch.
This is possible due to the nature of the motor, which is doubled as a starter.
In traditional cars, the starter is a small motor that drives the teeth of the flywheel.
But in insight, probably in future conventional petrol vehicles, it is a large flat plate mounted between the engine and the transmission, only two or 3 feet wide. The rotor (
Rotating part)
It is the driving device of the car; the stator (
The part of the magnet that pushes the rotor)
Form a peripheral.
The size and configuration make it more powerful and less noisy than the traditional starter.
Continental Teves, a leading supplier of components in the automotive industry, has been trying to sell the system to auto companies in traditional gasoline models.
Insight\'s engine is also an improvement.
It has a displacement of 995 cm³, smaller than the motor of a large motorcycle, it has a plastic intake manifold and valve cover, and a magnesium oil bottom shell, which is 35% lighter than aluminum.
To reduce friction, it has four valves per cylinder and has an offset crankshaft to minimize the side pressure when the piston drops.
All the techniques will work well on traditional cars, with smooth plastic bottoms, another insight improvement and a 47% lower total weight than a similar sized Civic hatchback.
In fact, Honda said that the range of life in civic has increased by 85% compared with Civic;
Among them, 30% is due to a lighter, more aerodynamic body.
The other 30% is due to changes in the engine, including four valves per cylinder and offset crankshaft.
However, the engine can also be smaller because the motor meets some peak power requirements.
This is where even a mild hybrid will be different.
The gasoline engine can be smaller because it\'s the weakest--
When the red light turns green, the engine speed is low and the demand is high-
The electric motor is powerful even at low speeds with high torque or pull.
Insight\'s dashboard has a small display that shows whether the power system is charged or assisted;
Whenever a gas engine turns slowly, when anyone who is used to a manual transmission wants to downshift, the dashboard indicates that the electric assist is running, not downshifting.
The motor is programmed to provide more assistance in the interval between cylinder ignition to reduce the inherent vibration of three cylinder ignition
The cylinder engine, as well as a driver who resists the temptation to downshift, will achieve high fuel economy.
On the rolling hills of Maryland north of Washington, the car climbed smoothly at 30 metres. p. h.
Even in the fifth.
At the parking sign, the electric motor slows down in charging mode to regain mechanical energy. Mr.
The Energy Department\'s Reicher, who is responsible for overseeing the development of more exotic vehicles, has given high praise to its mundane nature, in which case it may mean its marketable nature.
He said: \"I drive a lot of Honda cars, like a beautiful Honda car, like a normal car.
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Look under the hood of a hybrid Honda.
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