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barry oliver | f1 farewells a legend

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-20
At the beginning of the 2019 f1 season, Charlie Whiting suddenly died unexpectedly. he was the director of the FIA Championship, which made him very sad.
On Wednesday night, Whiting suffered a pulmonary embolism in Melbourne, and the 66-year-old died, making the sport a mess.
As the director of the competition, Whiting is also the F1 safety representative, the permanent starter for each race, the F1 technical director and the person responsible for ensuring compliance with the FIA rules.
Earlier in the campaign to prepare the RV and rally with his brother, and after running for a Formula 5000 racing race for Divina Galica in 1976, Huiting joined
Husky F1 team.
Subsequently, he worked for ten years at the Brabham F1 team in Bernie ekleston and served as chief mechanic for Nelson Piquette when he won the championship in 1981 and 1983.
The Briton joined the FIA after 80 s and was appointed event director in 1997, playing a key role in developing technical regulations for the campaign.
During his 22 years as director of the event, Whiting has won the general respect of the team and riders for its firm but reasonable decision, and is ready to listen to the inquiries and grievances of the riders and stakeholders.
F1 is a very expensive sport with a turnover of up to billions of dollars, so it is understandable that the pressure on teams and manufacturers to gain an edge is immeasurable.
In the face of this complaint, as demonstrated at the American Grand Prix in Indiana on 2005, when Michelin found that the tires supplied to their seven contract teams were considered restless, the complaint did not show
As there are no replacement tires, Michelin has asked the Whiting to approve the installation of chicane on the 13 th high speed turn to eliminate the problem.
After careful and careful consideration, Huating said no because he thought it would be unfair for the teams who were able to choose tyres on the existing track.
Whiting knew he was going to be condemned because it meant that there were only seven cars starting on the ground at the smallest match in F1 history.
In this shocking news, the racing field has already expressed countless respects, and there is no doubt that this weekend, the F1 Brotherhood will be very difficult at the beginning of the new season.
\"I was very sad to learn that Charlie died suddenly,\" said FIA president Jean Todd . \".
\"I have known Charlie for many years, and he is a great director of the game and is the core and unique character of the morality and spirit of this magical sport in F1.
\"F1 lost a loyal friend and charismatic ambassador to Charlie,\" said the former Ferrari team\'s very successful boss.
The first performance of the new Ford Mustang super sports car in the first round of the Championship has caused some teams to question, they think the new car has an unfair advantage.
DJR/Penske Mustang rider Fabian Coulthard and Scott McLoughlin took pole position in the top 10 gunfights and McLoughlin won 78-
A lap match against the strong performance of the other four players.
Four races will be competing for the title at the Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne this weekend, and in writing this column the opposition has ominous signs.
In practice on Thursday, a Chas Mostert is almost halfa-
The second one is faster than the next one, and in practice the top four are wild horses, and all six are in the top ten.
In the first qualifying session, the first four cars were wild horses, and if Mostert was not deleted for longer than the track limit, it would be five.
In the second game, the Broncos finished one, two, four and five games in the third game.
Defending champion McLoughlin will start from pole position in the first two games, and if this early state continues, you can bet that there will be calls for parity adjustments.
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