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Brake immediately after the step motor is how to stop the brake

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-31
Stepping planetary gear motor itself have to keep moment, utilize the motor to keep the torque in the case of electricity can lock motor, which is equivalent to the brake. But if the stepper motor torque is not enough big, need more locked torque, or outage hind leg motor keep lost moment can consider the use of the stepper motor with brake. Stepper motor brake generally have a spring type and permanent magnet, including permanent magnet brake faster response speed, Within 50 ms can be locked) , low noise, less heat, can be electric braking or electric braking, but off the electric brake is more commonly used. Permanent magnet cost will be a little bit more expensive, manufacturers are less, but you can look at shenzhen Zhenyu technology ( MBYS) How to do this. With big reduction ratio of the reducer and a stepper motor keep torque or braking torque can also have the brakes, but good reducer more expensive than the brake, if just for the sake of brake USES think there is no need for this choice.

now brake stepper motor using range is wide, in multi-axis linkage manipulator, automation equipment, fixture, fixture, etc are used to. Such as: automatic dispensing machine, engraving machine, automatic machine, automatic soldering machine and other automation equipment. It's have higher request for brake stepper motor. Shenzhen Zhenyu technology co. , LTD. Provide brake motor, with the latest model of permanent magnet brake than than ordinary spring brakes, permanent magnet brake compact structure, easy installation, with low noise, fast response, long life, small heat, low power consumption, a lot of advantage, is an ideal modern automation equipment, suitable for high precision positioning applications of stepper planetary gear motor, brushless motor, servo motor.

good braking performance characteristics of stepping motor:

when fully implemented high-speed mute run zero loss and long life.

don't need to adjust the air gap, low use of arbitrary Angle to realize balanced brake.

low volume small, closely match with the motor as a body, beautiful.

reaction time is 1/10 of the normal spring compression electromagnetic brake, only 30 ms.

low consumption, low temperature, temperature range provide stable braking torque.
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