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british army to deploy advanced bomb disposal robots in £55m deal

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-26
The British Army will deploy advanced bomb handling robots, about 1 m each, which will help to spread potential explosives in the streets and war zones of the UK.
Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson said the first four Harris T7 robots were delivered to the army after completing their pace during an eight-week rigorous trial.
As part of a 55-meter contract with US defense company Harris, the Army will deploy 56 robots. Caterpillar-
Tracking robots include high
Ultra HD camera
Fast data links and adjustable arms equipped with pliers allow robots to manipulate and eliminate bomb threats.
The robot comes with \"tactile feedback\", which allows the operator to \"feel\" the objects they are spreading and better respond to threats such as roadside bombs.
It vibrates when the controller touches a wire or bomb part to help guide the bomb handling specialist.
\"These robots will continue to be an important part of the kit to prevent harm to innocent civilians and brave operators who make explosives,\" Mr Williamson said . \".
Mr Williamson added that the robots would prove to be \"trusted partners\" for British soldiers \".
The army has been using bomb disposal robots since the 1970 s, when they were first deployed on the streets of Northern Ireland to deal with the threat of improvised explosive devices.
In 1972, retired Army colonel Peter Miller developed the first bomb handling robot.
Based on the modification of his mower, Miller proposed a robot design with motor and remote control.
The original design, known as a trolley robot, was used to grab and tow suspicious devices so that they could be detonated safely from the civilian area.
After years of renovation and improvement, the early design is currently being serviced by thousands of the latest Trolley robots built by Northrop Grumman in the United States.
The heavyweight Harris T7 robot will replace these old models.
The army also uses lightweight Dragon-run robots that can accelerate, discover and spread explosives on dangerous terrain.
The first four new robots are now in use, and the rest will be in use by 2020.
\"The first four production standard vehicles have been delivered to the British army in advance, enabling us to conduct training --the-
Coach package from January.
He added that the trials to date \"exceeded our performance expectations \".
Bomb disposal robots are becoming more and more important to the British Army.
In war zones such as Helmand province in Afghanistan, as many as 80 Britons died from improvised explosive devices.
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