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Brushless dc drive accuracy _22 hollow cups of brushless dc motor quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Remove the gear planetary gear motor brushless put out the light to take light, don't be foolhardy, also need to pay attention to the following points:

a. The motor first external wiring removed, at the same time, pay attention to the marking, after the foot screw loosening, and the electrical and mechanical transmission.

  b. On the removal of the planetary gear motor shaft pulley and shaft coupling, sometimes need to add some kerosene in the gaps between the motor shaft pulley, can make its permeability lubrication in place, so convenient we disassembled.

  c. Some equipped with rolling bearings of motor, we need to remove the bearing cover, and then again in the fastening screw to loosen the end cover, in the end cover and base shell seams of mark, and then unloaded tighten screw into the motor end cover on the end cover specially set up two screw hole, and then the top end cover.

  d. When removing the motor with a brush, you should first put the brush from the brush to remove, in dc planetary gear motor, but also will brush make on mark the location of the neutral line

e. When we take out the rotor, it is important to note that don't touch wound stator winding, rotor is not heavy, you can go out with the hand, heavier haha, lifting equipment should be used to hang out, not artificial, or prone to accidents or damage to, at this time of the first will be set on both ends of the rotor shaft to the reuse of wire rope the rotor with lifting equipment. Take out slowly.

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