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Brushless dc drive application _22 hollow cups of brushless dc motor company

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Brushless dc motor is composed of main body of the motor and drive, is a typical mechatronics product. It is mainly used to produce driving torque, as electricity or a variety of mechanical transmission power source, the main purpose of the brushless motor is the use of mechanical energy into electrical energy. In the installation of brushless motor torque under the action of mechanical equipment, object changes in position or Angle, etc, look at the specific application today!

based on the definition of 'torque formula can be calculated. The moment ( T) = power ( P) * 9. 8 / RPM ( N) , or transform each other factors can also be like this: T * revolution / 9. 8 = power, when we choose the brushless dc motor power is 1000 w, and the motor RPM to 3000 RPM, according to the definition of 'torque formula has 1000 * 9. 8/3000 = 3. 27NM. , or torque T know brushless motor, power requirements, you can like this conversion: 3. 27 nm * 3000/9。 8≈ 1000 w。 This is the brushless dc planetary gear motor torque calculation formula. Different types of motor torque has different calculation formula, such as ordinary asynchronous motor torque calculation formula of T = 9550 * P/N, we must pay attention to distinguish.

brushless motor due to the structure of go up besides the carbon brush, so at the time of use, without the organic carbon brush, the spark generated in the process of operation, thus directly reduce the various interference, also have no so big of friction, in the process of application of the brushless motor, the loss is relatively small. So more and more devices are used for brushless dc motor.

brushless motor of long life, low maintenance cost is an important characteristics of it, so want to equipment normal use, the use of time is more long, this needs us to regularly maintenance inspection, found that equipment problems, timely find the point of failure, repair, this effect will be better, use time also will be more long.

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