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Brushless dc drive brand _22 hollow cup brushless dc motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
At present, many automation equipment manufacturers are very concerned about brushless dc motor. They all like to use instead of a three-phase asynchronous motor brushless dc motor and stepping motor has low efficiency, high noise and so on overcome the drawback of the motor. But, on the various parameters of the brushless DC motor and technical problems consulting teng chi in the process of motor company, they don't need any mention of brushless DC planetary gear motor drives? In fact, cannot leave the brushless dc planetary gear motor drives. This is determined by the principle of brushless motor.

brushless dc motor ( 刷) Replace the mechanical commutator with electronic commutator. Due to the electronic commutation, brushless dc motor to drive circuit. Brushless dc motor commutation circuit consists of two parts, drive and control. The two parts is not easy to separation, especially for low power circuit, the two parts are usually integrated into a single special integrated circuits. In high power brushless DC motor, drive circuit and control circuit can be integrated, respectively. Drive circuit output power to drive the motor armature winding, and controlled by the control circuit. Driver circuit from the linear amplification state into state of PWM switch, the corresponding circuit composition also from transistor discrete circuit to modular integrated circuit. Modular integrated circuit by the power bipolar transistors, power field effect transistor and isolation gate field effect of a bipolar transistor. Although the isolation gate field effect of the bipolar transistor price is relatively expensive, but from the point of view of safety and reliable performance, it still is more appropriate.

brushless dc motor drive mode can be divided into different drive modes according to different categories, each drive mode has its own characteristics. According to the waveform: square wave drive, drive system, the implementation is convenient, easy to realize motor sensorless control. Sine driver can improve the motor running effect, make the output torque evenly, but the implementation process is relatively complicated. At the same time, this method has the space vector pulse width modulation and space vector pulse width modulation, space vector pulse width modulation is better than that of space vector pulse width modulation. Brushless DC planetary gear motor ( 刷) Use electronic commutator instead of mechanical commutator, so BLDC motor not only has the DC motors good speed regulating performance, but also ac motor has simple structure, no commutation spark, the advantages of reliable operation, easy maintenance.

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