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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
For office workers, the fast pace of life, sometimes the exhaustion of body and mind but have no time to relieve. Office worker to the Gospel of now, no longer need the special massage massage shop, need to buy an electric massager, massage can enjoy the pleasure.

electric massager is to use the built-in battery or power drive vibration massage head, to the human body massage health care appliances. Massage is good for relaxing tendons, eliminate fatigue and prevention and cure disease. High frequency vibration massager is rapidly dredge crowd barriers, promote the blood circulation of health-care products, with the help of a massage device to eliminate fatigue and soreness, is one of the symbol of human wisdom. Using the high frequency vibration principle, be knocks massage to human body, can make through mores. nay, especially imperceptible blood-vessel endings, blood flow is replace by the artery to vein pipe & other; Throughout their exchange function &; Adjustable immediately. At the same time, distribution in human body surface and shallow lymphatic function, can also increases.

electric massager according to the vibration mode can be divided into electromagnetic type and planetary gear motor type two kinds; According to the purpose can be divided into bodybuilding, sports and medical use. type massager is mainly composed of motor, spring, spring, eccentric shaft, and a massage head. through the spring shaft drive the eccentric wheel high-speed rotation, eccentric make the massage head produces vibration. Due to the vibration of the massage head directly to the influence of the eccentric wheel, so the massage head vibration frequency value is the motor speed, change the speed of the motor can adjust the strength of the massage strength. type massager structure has a great influence on the effect of massage, in order to ensure the good action, noise reduction, should make the massage head and motor shaft of accurate, reliable and flexible connection shaft elasticity, appropriate shaft and bearing and lubrication is moderate.

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