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Brushless dc drive selection _22 hollow cup of brushless dc motor control

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
As is known to all, the turbine speed reducer is a suitable for many general planetary gear motor reducer, because of its convenient installation, cost cheap, wide distribution motivation, suffered many mechanical equipment factory's favor and love. So, what with all the gear speed reducer's strengths and weaknesses?

the transmission system principle

drive gear - Key through active gear tooth profile drive driven tooth profile of gear transmission system.

- worm gear and worm drive system Key with positive vortex rod worm gear and worm gear tooth surface cause right rolling friction and thus make the worm gear and worm shaft neck caused by relative motion of the transmission system.

drive gear

drive gear defect:

the transmission gears, shell production equipment, production and processing of the gear grinding process and installation technical requirements more stringent, in turn, produce the high, transmission gear no load maintenance, does not have locking feature, request additional modified brake system installation, relatively large noise, small single stage transmission gear ratio ( Ordinary is not beyond 1:7) And so on. The advantages of small gear backlash.

drive gear advantages:

reducer shell can transfer space is wanton movement between the shaft and the power, the shaft can be parallel surface, cross or staggered; Rotational stability, its level of power transmission system category more gear design, application coverage, long life, high efficiency, 90% ~ 99%) And shell with cast iron material, beautiful appearance design, compact structure. Normal work under the conditions of ambient temperature 10 ℃ to 40 ℃, the product with similar products than have the speed change category, structure compact, features such as device resistance. Can be widely used in metallurgy, mining, lifting, light industry, chemical industry, transportation, construction and other retarding mechanism of various kinds of mechanical equipment.

the turbine drive system

the turbine drive system advantages:

single reduction machine can get a big transmission ratio ( General for 5 ~ 100) , compact structure, stable transmission, low noise, large speed ratio can be locking features, etc. Small single stage + large single reduction machine join application, can increase the total ratio, increase torque, etc. Application category can be further increased, the system produces this relatively low.

turbine drive system defects:

system tooth transmission efficiency is relatively low, the bigger the ratio, the lower the efficiency. Only the output of the rectangular vertical way, for the application places certain restrictions, worm gear and worm cast copper material processing technology is complex, small batch high consumption capital.

helical gear reducer can't lock, that is follower variability, positive positive variability driven; The turbine worm reducer can lock, is vortex rod is only positive, worm gear and worm driven, is irreversible. And the former allows for a long time running, the latter does not allow for a long time running. Transmission efficiency of high transmission efficiency of the former, the latter is low, means that the former heat is small, the latter fever, ask for more bright and clean.

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