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Brushless dc drives custom _22 hollow cups of brushless dc motor specifications

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Brushless dc planetary gear motor speed control system requirements, I believe you have a, still did not understand this followed us let's take a look at.

1, the brushless dc planetary gear motor speed regulation, and within a certain range of high speed and low speed, step ( Have a class) Or smoothly ( The infinite) Speed regulating speed;

2, steady speed, stable operation on the required speed at a certain precision, under various interference is not allowed to have too much speed fluctuation, in order to ensure product quality.

3, add/deceleration, frequent, braking equipment requirement and deceleration faster as far as possible, in order to improve the productivity, and should not be subjected to severe mechanical demands of speed change, smooth braking as far as possible.

we adhere to the principle of responsible for customers, for the overwhelming majority of customers with the best quality products and services, if you have any needs on the brushless dc planetary gear motor are welcome to inquire.

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