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Brushless dc drives design _22 the hollow glass of brushless dc motor size

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-20
Brushless dc motor and brushless dc motor is in principle is basically the same, but the brushless dc motor is through commutation circuit.

the working principle of dc motor:

fixed inside a circular permanent magnet dc motor, the current through a rotor coil of ampere force, when the rotor coil and magnetic fields on the parallel, turn again by the magnetic field direction will change, so the rotor at the end of the brush to convert alternating contact, and the direction of the electric current on the coil is changing, the direction of the lorentz force is constant, so the motor can keep a direction.

the working principle of the dc generator is induced in the armature coils of alternating emf, the commutator with brush commutation function, make it from the brush end into the principle of dc electromotive force.

as defined by the right-hand rule the direction of induction electromotive force ( Magnetic induction line point to palm, thumb conductor movement direction, the other four refers to the point to is the direction of induction electromotive force in the conductor) 。

the conductor stress in the direction of the left hand rule are used to determine. This pair of electromagnetic force formed on the armature a torque, the torque in rotary motor is called electromagnetic torque, torque direction is counterclockwise, trying to make the armature counterclockwise rotation. If the electromagnetic torque can overcome the armature resistance torque ( For example, caused by friction resistance torque and other load torque) The armature can spin counterclockwise direction.


1, commutation of brushless dc motor has been through graphite brush and mounted on the rotor commutator ring in contact.

2 is by hall sensor, brushless dc motor rotor position feedback control circuit, back to know the exact time of the planetary gear motor phase commutation. Most of the brushless motor manufacturers production positioning with three hall effect sensors. Because of brushless motor without brush, so also does not have relevant interface, therefore more clean, less noise, in fact, no maintenance, longer life.

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