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Brushless dc drives supplier _22 hollow glass of brushless dc motor is used

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Brushless dc motor, also known as brushless motor, brushless dc motor. Why are an increasing number of factory began to choose to use a brushless dc motor instead of a brush? Despite the brush motor has a smooth starting torque, speed, simple manufacturing, low cost advantages.

friend who used to have a brush motor must have gone through the ordeal. Brushless dc motor with fever, short service life, low efficiency, output power, small torque is small. In use after a period of time, you also need to open the machine to clean up the carbon brush, time-consuming, laborious maintenance strength as a household cleaning.

yes, it is these drawbacks have brush motor, let clever human initiation of new ideas, research and development can be used instead of a brush motor to the machine - - - - - - - - - - - - Brushless dc motor.

with the structure and principles of brushless dc motor, brush and commutator of the contact resistance is very big, a motor as a whole is bigger, resistance to heat, and permanent magnet is a thermal sensor, when the temperature is too high, will be demagnetization magnetic steel, this will let the machine performance degradation, affect the service life of the motor. And more motor heating largely because the current work on the internal resistance of the motor, so electricity have much transformed to heat energy, so have a brush dc motor output power is not big, the efficiency is not high also. The emergence of the brushless dc motor made up for these shortcomings have brush motor, thus being more and more factory start using brushless dc motor instead of a brush motor.

brushless dc motor have what use? Why can replace brush motor to use? Because of brushless motor without carbon brush, so the operation will not produce sparks, reduced the electric spark interference of remote radio equipment. Its light resistance, mainly comes from the rotation of the stator and rotor contact commonly so on both ends of the brushless dc motor rotor use ball bearings to reduce friction. So as not to have a lot of frictional resistance and heat, thus brushless motor has high transmission efficiency and speed. Since the emergence of the brushless motor makes up for the brush motor faults, then be summarized as follows: the advantages of brushless dc motor of high speed; High efficiency; Low noise; Fast response; Use of long life; Low noise; The output torque; Maintenance free.

brushless dc motor is not perfect, also has its drawbacks as well as if the brushless motor, that is the price of the brushless planetary gear motor controller is higher, brushless motor control circuit is more complex, the aging of the components of screening more strict. So choose the reliability of brushless dc motor should pass strict testing to ensure quality.

as the state of extension brushless motor manufacturer production technology constantly upgrade, bond Rio brand brushless dc motor technology is more and more mature. Bond Rio brushless motor manufacturer supply 15 w to 3 kw brushless planetary gear motor, support custom speed, voltage, power and other parameters.

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