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Brushless dc motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-24
are the devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, were used as actuator can produce torque used for driving the fan, wheels, etc. To realize the corresponding function. is ac motor or dc motor. Brushless dc motor, refers to the planetary gear motor commutator and brush, so compared with a brush motor, brushless motor of longer life, less noise, easy maintenance.

the role of the brushless dc motor is to convert electrical energy into mechanical energy, through the consumption of electrical energy to achieve the rotation of the motor. Generally used in small home appliance industry, electric tool industry, such as garden tools industry.

the application of brushless dc motor in the small home appliance industry, such as: electric fan

brushless dc motor by driving the fan leaf fan blade rotation speed up the flow of air, the motor fan for the motor torque requirements is low, and rotational speed of the demand is higher, for brushless dc motor, the magnetic pole logarithmic less motor speed faster and faster.

the application of brushless dc motor in the electric tool industry, such as: electric drill

the rechargeable electric drill is common, due to the rechargeable battery recycling, popular, through with a variety of screw drill can realize wrench/drilling function, improve work efficiency, reduces the labor intensity.

the application of brushless dc motor in garden tools industry, such as: lawn mower

there are some manufacturers lawn mower, saw through the lithium battery power supply, control panel drive the rotation of the brushless dc motor, the rotation of the saw blade and other parts of the cutting tools cut the grass and the rotation of the saw blade and other parts, we can realize the function of cutting grass, saw wood.
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