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Brushless dc motor brand _16 hollow glass of brushless dc motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Customers often consulting suitable power dc motor manufacturers staff is brushless dc motor or ac motor works. In fact both have many differences, below is the small make up of the brushless dc planetary gear motor and ac motor three differences.

1, the motor structure different

1) Ac motor is punctuated with a coil, the general is not very big, a coil resistance is the ohm, phase shift, for example, it is divided into start winding and running winding.

  2) Brushless dc planetary gear motor structure is mainly composed of stator and rotor, are most used, brush motor, with a carbon brush brush motor rotor, motor with a hall sensor, detecting position, in the work process and conversion of continuous contact alternately, so produce alternating electromagnetic field change, continue to turn, and then the development design of brushless dc motor, because no carbon brush, volume and smaller than ac motor and dc brush motor, thus, many industrial equipment are converted to a brushless dc motor.

2, the working principle of different

1) Ac motor power supply voltage is alternating current, can communicate through the on-off switch components to control the motor, such as thyristor, SCR pressure should be enough, for 220 av of ac motor, for example, can use the pressure value 400 vac, and even the 600 vac.

  2) For brushless dc motor, it is the power supply voltage of direct current input, you can use the PWM control, PWM signal is a kind of duty ratio can be adjusted, can enter different signals. Dc can be stepless speed regulation, can be transferred to the high speed series, and the ability to increase the feedback signal, closed loop speed regulation, and can undertake the brake function, in other words can be within a certain time to let it stop soon, output stability is better.

3, different output power

generally smaller than ac motor power brushless dc motor, brushless dc motor, in particular, just brushless dc motor to overcome many of the defects have a dc motor. Market so in the current motor, brushless dc motor is more welcome than a dc motor.

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