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Brushless dc motor company _22 the hollow glass of brushless dc motor manufacturers

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
Brushless motor belongs to a kind of commonly used, but it is made up of what, some people may know that, but believe that there is a lot of people don't know, today we have to get to know the brushless motor constitute the important part.

mainly composed of permanent magnet brushless planetary gear motor, multipolar winding of the stator and rotor position sensors. Position sensing according to the change of rotor position, along a certain sequence of stator winding current converter ( By detecting the rotor magnetic pole relative to the position of the stator winding, and in determining the location of the position sensor signal, the signal conversion circuit to control the power switch circuit, after processing according to certain logic relation between winding current switch) 。 The working voltage of stator winding electronic switching circuit controlled by the position sensor output.

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