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Brushless dc motor design _16 hollow glass of brushless dc motor size

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Permanent magnet brushless dc motor and permanent magnet synchronous motor with materials generally are the same, mainly in the design of the different. General design of brushless dc motor, air gap magnetic field is a square wave ( Trapezoidal wave) And part of the ceiling as flat as possible, so that the logarithmic choice generally taken the integer slot 4 pole 12 slot, for example, concentrated winding and magnetic steel is generally concentric rings of fan-shaped radial magnetic. And general Hall sensor to detect the position and speed, driving mode is generally six-step square wave drive, for special occasions position requirement is not high; Air gap is the permanent magnet synchronous sine wave, as sinusoidal as possible, so a logarithmic fractional slot winding on choice, such as 4 15 slots, chamfer of 10 extremely 12, magnetic steel is bread, the magnetization, parallel sensor type general configuration of incremental encoder, rotating transformer, absolute encoder, etc. Typically driven by sine wave drive way, such as FOC algorithm, etc. Used for the servo.

you can from the internal structure, sensor, actuator, and applications. This machine can be used interchangeably, but can make the performance degradation. For most of the air gap waveform between permanent magnet motor, the main drive mode.

brushless dc motor rotor poles normally adopts magnetic steel tile type, through the design of magnetic circuit, can obtain the trapezoidal wave air-gap flux density, the stator winding is used more focus from the whole winding, thus is trapezoidal wave induction counter electromotive force. Brushless dc motor control requires location information feedback, must have a position sensor or sensorless estimation technology, a speed control system of the type of self-control. Control the phase current ChengFangBo, try to control the inverter output voltage according to the brushless dc motor with PWM method to control it. In essence, brushless dc planetary gear motor is also a kind of permanent magnet synchronous motor, speed control actually also belong to the category of variable voltage variable frequency speed regulation.

usually say that the distribution of permanent magnet synchronous motor with the stator three phase winding and the permanent magnet rotor, the magnetic circuit structure and distribution to ensure induction emf waveform is sine, plus the stator voltage and current are also should be sine wave, typically by ac variable pressure transducer. Permanent magnet synchronous motor control system often use self-control type, also need to position feedback information, can use vector control ( Field oriented control) Or direct torque control of advanced control strategy.

the difference can be thought of as the design concept of square wave and sine wave control lead to different.

the final correct a concept, & other; Dc frequency conversion & throughout; In fact is the ac frequency conversion, control object is usually just call it & other; Brushless dc motor & throughout;

my understanding, it should be said that the difference of BLDC and all-digital fuzzy motors is really hard to say, sometimes depends on the application. Tradition says they counter electromotive force, BLDC close to square wave motors, all-digital fuzzy similar to sine wave. Control for BLDC generally use 6 metre square wave drive motors, control of the square wave phase and down time, all-digital fuzzy FOC. Performance in terms of BLDC output power density is bigger, motors for BLDC torque of motors make full use of the harmonic, also therefore BLDC harmonic motors will be serious point

a, the different sensor:

brushless dc motor ( 刷) : position sensor, such as hall, etc. ;

the permanent magnet synchronous motor ( 永磁同步电动机) : speed and position sensor, such as rotating transformer, photoelectric encoder, etc;

2, back emf waveform is different:

BLDC: motors approximate trapezoidal wave ( Ideal) ;

all-digital fuzzy: sine wave ( Ideal)

3, three phase current waveform is different:

BLDC: motors approximate square wave or trapezoidal wave ( Ideal) ;

all-digital fuzzy: sine wave ( Ideal state

4, the control system of difference:

BLDC: motors (usually includes position controller, speed controller and current Torque) The controller;

all-digital fuzzy: different control strategies have different control system;

5, the design principle and method of difference:

BLDC: motors to broaden the width of the back emf waveform ( Make approximate for ladder wave) ;

all-digital fuzzy: make counter potential approach with sine wave;

in design is mainly on the stator winding and rotor structure ( Such as arc coefficient) On the difference.

1, brushless dc motor of motor ontology:

for the concentrated winding of the stator winding, the permanent magnet rotor form square wave magnetic field; Ontology: permanent magnet synchronous motor of motor stator winding as the distributed winding, the permanent magnet rotor form is the xuan magnetic field;

2, brushless dc motor position sensors:

low resolution, 60 degrees resolution, hall element, electromagnetic, photoelectric; Permanent magnet synchronous motor position sensor, high resolution, 1/256, 1/1024, rotating transformer, optical encoder.

3, different control:

: brushless dc motor with 120 degrees of square wave current, the PWM control.

: permanent magnet synchronous motor is XuanBo current, adopting SPWM SVPWM control.

: brushless dc motor magnetization, magnetic steel for square wave voltage PWM control for square wave, current and for the square wave. An electrical cycle has six space vector. Simple control, low cost, general MCU can be implemented.

: permanent magnet synchronous motor magnetization, magnetic steel for sine wave counter electromotive force for sine wave, current and to sine wave. One USES the vector control technology, like a general electric cycle at least there will be 18 vector ( Of course the more the better) That require high performance MCU or DSP to achieve.

dc servo: the range is very wide. Dc servo, refers to under the control of dc planetary gear motor and control system, according to the control instruction ( Speed, position, Angle, etc. ) To action, generally for actuators.

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