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Brushless dc motor equipment mute _16 hollow glass of brushless dc motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Sixty brushless dc motor is very common to use a brushless motor, but many users in the use of this type of flash, also will encounter all sorts of problems, especially in the case of motor selection, what are the specific problem?

1, 60 brushless motor power supply problem: at present, the general common on the market the most high-power brushless motor will not be more than 200 W power, more than 200 W, domestic 60 brushless electrical planetary gear motor fever too much problems, shoulds not be too high to motor power requirement, otherwise use brushless motor damage will happen after a period of time.

2, brushless drive power should not should not be less than 60 brushless planetary gear motor power of 1. 5 times. Otherwise in some quick start or brake application, brushless drive damage probability is very high. Brushless drive selection should consider reliability as far as possible, because if the brushless drive overload capacity is not big enough, will reduce the reliability of the whole system, in use process will appear this or that problem.

3, if the selected drive is low voltage brushless dc drive, so the choice of power supply is also very important. If the power is not enough, will supply voltage drop suddenly, as a result of the output power is too large, resulting in brushless dc drives phenomena of self-protection.

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