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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
Servo motor drive control three mode

servo planetary gear motor drive from inner to outer in an according to the control object is divided into position loop, speed loop and current loop, the corresponding servo planetary gear motor driver can also work in the position control, speed control and torque control mode.

when servo motor drives to work in any mode, the corresponding

servo drive control mode can be given in three ways:

1, using analogue given;

2, the parameter is set within a given;

3, communication is given.

parameter is set within a given application is less, for limited have adjusted.

the advantages of using analogue given is fast response, used in many high accuracy high response, the disadvantage is that there is zero drift, bring difficult to debug, the department and the department of servo in this way.

pulse control compatible with commonly used method of signal: the CW/CCW ( Forward and reverse pulse) , pulse/direction, believe A/B. Defect is slow response, Japanese and domestic servo in this way.

unmanned, large-scale production to processing equipment put forward the requirement of high speed, high precision, high efficiency, and the dc servo planetary gear motor system with high response, free maintenance, Without carbon brush and commutator wear components) , such characteristics as high reliability, just adapted to this demand.

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