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Brushless dc motor instruction _22 hollow glass of brushless dc motor specifications

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Brushless dc planetary gear motor is about q&a:

q: what is a brushless dc motor?

a: due to the dc current controller provides directions, to achieve the motor coil current direction alternation change inside. Between the rotor and stator of brushless motor without brush and commutator.

q: why did brushless dc motor has three hall?

a: brushless dc motor in order to turn, must make the magnetic field of the stator winding and rotor magnetic field of permanent magnet always exists between certain Angle. Rotor spinning process is the rotor magnetic field direction change process, in order to make the two magnetic field Angle, to a certain extent, the stator coil magnetic field direction must be changed. So how do you know is going to change the direction of the stator magnetic field? That depends on the three hall. Can think of three hall shoulder the task of tell when to change the direction of current controller.

q: brushless dc planetary gear motor power consumption scope is roughly hall?

a: brushless motor hall power consumption is roughly ranging is 6 ma - 20 ma.

q: how to realize the brushless dc motor commutation?

a: brushless motor in turns, alternating current direction of the motor coil inside need to transform, so as to achieve electric function continuous rotation, brushless dc motor controller to complete.

q: brushless dc motor in high temperature can normal work? How high the temperature of the motor can afford?

a: if you measure the temperature of the planetary gear motor cover more than the environment temperature above 25 degrees, suggests that the rise of temperature of the motor is beyond the normal range, general motor temperature rise should be below 20 degrees. General motor coil is made up of enameled wire winding and become, and enameled wire when the temperature higher than 150 degrees because temperature is too high and fall off of the paint film and the coil short circuit. When the coil temperature above 150 degrees brushless motor shell of the temperature at 100 degrees, so if based on its shell temperature of the brushless dc motor is subjected to the highest temperature is 100 degrees.

q: why did any one dc brushless dc brushless motor controller and cannot be arbitrarily connected to can normal turn up? Why pour phase sequence of the brushless dc will have said?

a: generally speaking brushless dc motor is such a process: in the actual movement of motor rotation, the rotor magnetic field direction changes - when the Angle of the stator magnetic field direction and rotor magnetic field direction to 60 degrees electrical Angle - hall signal change - forward direction of the phase line current, the stator magnetic field across 60 degrees electric Angle, the stator magnetic field direction and rotor magnetic field direction Angle is 120 degrees electric Angle - motor continue to roll. Then we will see, hall has six correct state. When specific hall told controller, controller output state there is a specific phase line. So the phase sequence is to complete a task, is to make the stator power Angle is always in one direction at 60 degrees Angle step by step.

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