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Brushless dc motor load custom _22 hollow glass of brushless dc motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Brushless motor of several important parameters:

KV value: motor speed, the bigger value of motor speed. speed = KV voltage value * work.

no-load current: specify the voltages, working current of planetary gear motor without load.

- After the connection, the resistance: the motor resistance value between two phase endpoint.

several important parameters of brushless motor brushless dc brushless planetary gear motor _ _ the hollow cup motor - Wan Zhida motor

: torque of the rotor in motor can drive the driving moment of mechanical load.

groove structure: ( N: slot number, the number of P:) Model in common rotor brushless motor structure with three n2p, 6 n4p, n8p, 9 n8p, 9 n12p n10p, 9, 12 n10p, 12 n16p n14p, 12, 18 n16p, 18 n20p, 27 n24p, 27 n32p n30p, 36, 36 n40p ( Inductive motor commonly used) ; Model of the common exterior rotor brushless motor structure nine n6p, 9 n12p, 12 n8p, 12 n14p n10p, 12, 18 n16p, 24 n20p.

catch x

in the model in the external rotor motor are fractional slot motor:

1, the N must be a multiple of 3, P must be an even number ( Magnetic steel is in pairs) ;

2, P is smaller, the highest speed is higher;

3, N is greater than P, were relatively higher speed;

4, N values are the same, the bigger the P torsion stronger;

5, N and P not divisible.

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