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Brushless dc motor manual _16 hollow glass of brushless dc motor speed

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
You know something about brushless dc motor is also, because of its long service life, high reliability advantages, is widely used in automobiles, numerical control, aerospace, automation equipment and other industries. Also has a wide application in our daily life, the understanding of brushless motor what are the pitfalls?

1, the motor is not bad,

wrong, brushless planetary gear motor will be bad. Such as coil short-circuit, foreign body into the motor, as well as the planetary gear motor overload, overheating, cause magnet demagnetization.

understand the rated current and rated power of the motor, keep the motor under the rated parameter values used, more than the rated parameter values, motor overload, overheating occurs, erasing, and so on and so forth.

2, torque and rotational speed and planetary gear motor is the same as the

wrong, or to take a in the torque and rotational speed. An indicator is high, then another must discount. This is why more than to prepare a brushless motor.

no matter what motor don't expect unlimited high speed, torque is infinite. Both will only take one. For automation equipment, should be under guarantee enough torque to get the highest speed. But there are equivalent and brushless motor, under the same speed, brushless torque is somewhat higher; Under the same torque, rotating speed is somewhat higher. In all speed & times; Brushless torque, the product is higher than a brush. This is because its efficiency is higher than a brush.

3, do not need to maintain the

wrong, need to clean up the motor, replace the bearings, magnet magnetization, to keep the best performance. Any motor damage motor cannot work

routine maintenance mainly dust on the surface of the motor, and near the bearing and spilled oil mixed sludge, for bearing oiling. As long as careful not to let motor overheating (magnets Don't too small teeth than, smooth to keep the car drive system) Generally does not require any maintenance. I believe that the performance of the motor as long as reasonable use, basic won't fall!

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