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Brushless dc motor precision _16 hollow cups of brushless dc motor quotation

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Common types of motor are: stepper motor, dc motor, brushless dc motor, ac brushless motor, servo motor, etc.

what call a brush motor?

the motor, coil and the commutator rotating, the magnetic steel and carbon brush don't turn, depends on the direction of the coil current changes with the motor rotation phase switcher and carbon brush. Have motor strength relatively larger brushless motor, the line is less, a positive and a negative electrode thread. If the motor reversal, as long as the location of the two wires for can be completed. In the electric car industry has a brush motor points high-speed brush and a brush motor at low speed. Brush motors and brushless motor, there are a lot of difference between the easiest to distinguish method is: have a carbon brush brush motor, brushless motor without carbon brush. But there's planetary gear motor noise is bigger, the currently have brush motor has been basically eliminated.

what is a brushless motor?

brushless direct current motor provided by different direction of current controller, to achieve the motor coil current direction alternation change inside. Brushless planetary gear motor without carbon brush and between rotor and stator phase switcher.

brushless motor internal structure

dc power supply to the motor stator winding through switching circuit power supply, three position sensors ( Commonly known as the hall) Detect the rotor position at any time, and according to the rotor position signal to control the conduction of six switch tube and globe, the windings which is automatically controlled by electricity, and the direction of electricity, so as to realize the electronic commutation.

brushless dc motor is the mechanical equipment is one of the most widely used motor, because of long life, relatively simple structure, no noise, and many other advantages widely used by all kinds of mechanical equipment. Brushless motor with 60 degree Angle, Angle of 120 degrees and 180 degrees Angle, Angle of controller should be matched. Configuration brushless motor drive control and normal work.

the main phase brushless motor line

there are eight lines of brushless dc planetary gear motor, respectively are the three main phase thread thick yellow, thick green, rough blue and 5 thread. The thin red line, thin black line respectively, the thin green line, thin yellow line, thin blue line, etc. Can detect through digital multimeter ( Electricity condition detecting motor if there is a fault.

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