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Brushless dc motor price _16 hollow glass of brushless dc motor which is good

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-23
What role does the brushless dc motor position sensor? With the development of industry and the emergence of new permanent magnet materials, brushless dc motor has been widely used, brushless dc planetary gear motor for has the characteristics of a dc motor, is also the device of frequency variation, so also known as the dc inverter, international general nouns denote for BLDC. Motors All use of position sensor brushless dc motor friends will not be unfamiliar. So what's the brushless dc motor position sensor for? The principle of how again? Below by shenzhen ding hong factory staff to introduce the:

brushless dc motor is relative to the brush of the motor. With brush motor rotor winding, and the power output shaft is linked together, the stator is permanent magnet steel; Brushless dc motor rotor is a permanent magnet steel, along with shell and output axis is linked together, the stator is winding coil, to remove a brush motor commutator brush to alternating electromagnetic field, so it is called brushless motor.

position sensor in brushless dc motor plays a role that can locate the position of the rotor magnetic pole, to provide the correct logical switch circuit in the phase information, the rotor magnetic pole position signal into electrical signal, and then to control the phase of the stator winding. Position sensor sort is more, and each has its characteristics. Bond Rio brushless motor manufacturer brand of brushless dc motor position sensor has the following three kinds of commonly used, respectively is magnetic sensors, magnetic susceptibility type location proximity sensors, photoelectric position sensor.

1, the magnetic position sensor in brushless dc motor, use morer is open the transformer. Used for three-phase brushless dc planetary gear motor tracking open transformer by the stator and rotor of two parts. Stator generally there are six pole, the interval between them is 60 degrees respectively, three of them in a winding around, and in series with high frequency power supply, after another three pole respectively on secondary winding around the WA, WB, WC. Magnetic sensitive type

2, magnetic susceptibility, type position sensor is to point to some of its electrical parameters change with the surrounding magnetic field according to certain rule semiconductor sensitive elements. The basic principle of hall effect and the magnetic resistance effect. Common magnetic sensor with hall element or hall integrated circuit, magnetic sensitive resistor and magnetic susceptibility diode, etc.


3, photoelectric position sensor is made use of the photoelectric effect, by to accompany the motor rotor rotating bezel and stationary sources, photocell parts, etc.

the motor, brushless dc motor is comprehensive, microelectronics, control and computer technology in one high-tech product. Brushless motor in the medical, industrial control, automotive electronics and consumer electronics and other high precision control industries widely used.

the above brushless dc motor position sensors have what effect? Sensors detect the polarity of the motor rotor anytime and anywhere, is more advantageous to fully use and maintenance of the brushless dc motor.

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