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Brushless dc motor selection _16 hollow glass of brushless dc motor control

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Brushless dc planetary gear motor used in heating belongs to the normal phenomenon, some users find fever just feel there is a problem, in fact, the cause of the fever we can from several aspects to understand.

a, coil resistance, electric current flows through the loss power;

2, core and eddy current, part of the magnetic energy of power shift into current in turn into heat again;

3, mechanical friction between moving parts, part of the kinetic energy of the electrical continue into heat energy.

4, alternating magnetic field of & other; Hysteresis loop & throughout; That part of the electrical magnetic energy is to continue to heat energy;

70 - brushless dc motor fever 90 ℃ belongs to the normal phenomenon, dc brushless motor with closed loop can be higher, but the hot under speed faster, as long as less than 130 ℃, generally do not have what problem, if you really feel overheating, it needs to reduce the speed of the motor. No fault, under normal circumstances will be hot. Of course, the normal heating temperature not too high. Understand the cause of the brushless dc motor heating, we can reasonable control. If the temperature is beyond the normal range, so should be in time to stop working, and makes the corresponding inspection work, and do the processing.

in the brushless dc motor using heat belongs to the normal phenomenon, but has the certain control. Domestic brushless dc motor manufacturers domestic is bigger, make exports more, shipment is also very big, brushless motor with some companies also will be fever, and with the results of our tests, many will appear the phenomenon.

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