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Brushless dc motor size _22 hollow cup manual of brushless dc motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-22
ontology is usually made up of permanent magnet synchronous motor. The rotor adopts permanent magnet excitation. Because different geometric shapes of the rotor magnetic field, the rotor magnetic field distribution in the space of two kinds of sine wave and trapezoidal wave. Brushless dc motor for sine wave, want to get in winding sine wave form of voltage, adopt the form of winding short, distribution, or fractional form to weaken the other harmonics as far as possible, so as to keep the base wave. 8 and square-wave brushless dc planetary gear motor in order to get to 120 degrees of square wave or trapezoidal wave, stator winding in the form of the whole distance, focus, to retain flux density in the other harmonic.

planetary gear motor noumenon first must meet the requirements of electromagnetic aspects, guarantee to produce enough in the working air gap magnetic flux, the armature winding is allowed by a certain current, so as to produce certain electromagnetic torque; Second to meet the requirements of mechanical aspects, ensure mechanical mechanism is firm and stable, can transmit a certain torque, and can withstand the test of a certain environmental conditions.

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