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Brushless dc motor specifications _16 hollow cup principle of brushless dc motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
Brushless motor of several important parameters:

KV value: motor speed, the bigger value of motor speed. speed = KV voltage value * work.

no-load current: specify the voltages, working current of motor without load.

- After the connection, the resistance: the motor resistance value between two phase endpoint.

several important parameters of brushless motor brushless dc brushless motor _ _ the hollow cup planetary gear motor - Wan Zhida motor

: torque of the rotor in motor can drive the driving moment of mechanical load.

groove structure: ( N: slot number, the number of P:) Model in common rotor brushless motor structure with three n2p, 6 n4p, n8p, 9 n8p, 9 n12p n10p, 9, 12 n10p, 12 n16p n14p, 12, 18 n16p, 18 n20p, 27 n24p, 27 n32p n30p, 36, 36 n40p ( Inductive motor commonly used) ; Model of the common exterior rotor brushless motor structure nine n6p, 9 n12p, 12 n8p, 12 n14p n10p, 12, 18 n16p, 24 n20p.

catch x

in the model in the external rotor motor are fractional slot motor:

1, the N must be a multiple of 3, P must be an even number ( Magnetic steel is in pairs) ;

2, P is smaller, the highest speed is higher;

3, N is greater than P, were relatively higher speed;

4, N values are the same, the bigger the P torsion stronger;

5, N and P not divisible.

are widely used in automotive electronic equipment, medical equipment, audio and video equipment, information and communication equipment, household appliances, electric tools, massage health care equipment, aviation model, electric toothbrushes, electric shaver shaving, threading knife, hair dryer camcorders, security equipment, precision instruments and electric toys and other electric products.

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