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Brushless dc motor speed _22 hollow cup price of brushless dc motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
What is a dc motor?

a: dc motor is used to transfer electrical energy into mechanical energy equipment. This is a structure.

what is the gear motor?

the answer: gear motor is equipped with a gearbox ( Also known as the gearbox) The dc motor. Gear box is used to reduce the motor speed, at the same time increase the torque of the motor.

what is the gear ratio?

a: gear box is used to reduce the motor speed, so in each use larger pinion drive gear deceleration phase, hence the reduction ratio, proportion of multiplication per level. This is a picture to show:

4. If motor running (in a clockwise direction. 公约) ( Anticlockwise) ?

a: yes, we all have a brush dc motor and gear can be used for the CW or CCW. For the brushless motor, if you have this requirement, please inform us in advance, we will advance for this function to draw a line.

production of helical gear planetary gear motor?

the answer: yes, for some special purpose, we will put the gear into the propeller. But screw cannot be used in all conditions, for example, if you use the motor is bad in both directions. In addition you have special requirements to control the output shaft, so it is not appropriate.

if I don't know how much I need to torque, how should I know?

the answer: there is a simple method to clear. You only need to send us a rough torque limit the scope and size, then we will provide you with a type, and a few samples for testing. During the test, we can provide a simple way to check it.

7. How to reduce the motor noise?

the answer: this is a constant and often questions. Etonm has 9 years of experience in noise control, we have many ways to deal with different noise, such as different gear materials and manufacturing process, grease and dc motor control

you can customize the motor?

a: yes, most of existing customers to provide the motor is customized, such as custom voltage, speed, torque, current and noise; Custom size, such as axis, electrical body; External cables and connectors, worm, gear bracket etc.

9. I can collect samples for testing before ordering?

a: when do you need samples for testing, please contact us directly, we will reply to your enquiry within 24 hours.

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