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Brushless dc motor to adjust _22 hollow cup of brushless dc motor supplier

by:Zhenyu      2020-09-21
We in the use of machinery and equipment, in order to make it play, performance need to be understood, so, do you know how to start the dc motor is?

due to the small motor armature loop resistor and inductor, and turn the body has a certain mechanical inertia, so when the motor is switched on, after the start of the starter armature speed and corresponding counter electromotive force is small, large starting current. Up to 15 ~ 20 times the rated current. Makes the current grid disturbance, mechanical shock unit and commutator spark. Direct starting is only applicable to power switching is not greater than 4 kw motor.

in order to limit the dc motor starting current, often in series with the armature circuit designed variable resistance. In the process of starting with the speed of rising step by step in a timely manner to each sub section resistance, make the starting current limit within a certain value. The starting method, called string resistance starting, is very simple, portable equipment, widely used in various kinds of small and medium-sized dc motor. But, because of the large energy consumption in the process of starting often is not suitable for starting planetary gear motor and medium and large dc motor. But for some special needs, such as city tram is often starting, in order to simplify equipment, reduce weight, and convenient operation and maintenance, usually with series resistance starting method.

this is how to start the main content of the dc motor, hoping to help for your use.

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