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Brushless dc motor which good _22 the hollow glass of brushless dc motor selection

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-24
Changzhou compaq, founded in 2008, is a collection of r &d, production and sales of brushless motor manufacturers, in the production and management strictly follow the specific requirements of ISO9000 quality management system to carry out, has the rich production experience, today just to answer a lot of people have a doubt, the choose and buy brushless motor and motor of the difference in where?

brushless motor manufacturer

brushless planetary gear motor manufacturer said a plate refers to the brushless dc motor by the motor, it consists of main body and the drive, is a typical mechatronics product. Because of brushless dc motor based on automatic running, so will not like the synchronous motor frequency control of planetary gear motor speed under overload start plus startup winding on the rotor, also won't generate oscillation and step out when load mutation. Medium and small capacity of the permanent magnet brushless dc motor (BLDCM), now many rare earth ndfeb material using high magnetic energy product. Therefore, the volume of a brushless motor than three-phase asynchronous planetary gear motor with capacity reduces a frame number.

brushless and what is the difference between a brush?

there are difference between motor and brushless motor is: whether the configuration is commonly used brush - The commutator. Have a commutation of brushless dc motor has been through graphite brush and mounted on the rotor commutator ring in contact. While by hall sensor brushless motor manufacturers put back the rotor position feedback control circuit, enable it to know the exact time of the motor phase commutation. Most of the brushless motor factory production of positioning with three hall effect sensors. Because of brushless motor without brush, so also does not have relevant interface, therefore more clean, less noise, in fact, no maintenance, longer life.

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