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Brushless motor control principle and electrically controlled

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
The rotation of the motor drive control is to control or stop, and the speed of rotation. drive control part is also called electronic governor, or electrically controlled. Corresponding use electrically controlled motor, brushless electric harmonic have brush electrically controlled. Brushless motor, as the name suggests, this kind of planetary gear motor is no brush and phase switcher, the rotor is a permanent magnet, and the coil is fixed, directly to the external power supply, the question becomes, how to change the coil magnetic field direction? Brushless motor, in fact, the external need a electronic governor, the governor in plain English is a motor driver, it all the time in changing the direction of the fixed inside the coil current, ensure it with permanent magnet is the acting force between mutually exclusive, continuous rotation.

there must be electrically controlled brushless motor work, otherwise can't rotate. Must pass the brushless electric adjustable three-phase alternating current, direct current (dc) can be converted to loss to the brushless planetary gear motor to rotate. From a professional standpoint brushless electric adjustable output is a three-phase alternating current (ac), our household 220 v, used for mobile phone charger or computer power supply is an alternating current. The frequency of the alternating current (ac) is a certain, popular speak be a line of positive and negative, negative is switch back and forth. So what is the three-phase electricity? Theory of three-phase alternating current (ac) is a form of transmission of electricity, referred to as 'three-phase electricity, is made up of three same frequency, amplitude, phase, equal each other in turn 120 degrees of electric potential of ac power supply. Popular speaking, is our home three alternating current (ac), in addition to the voltage, frequency, driving Angle different, other are all the same, understand to the three-phase power now.

brushless electric adjustable, input dc, through a filter capacitor voltage stability. Then divided into two road, all the way is electrically controlled BEC use, BEC is for receiver and electrically controlled MCU used in power supply, the output to the receiver of the power cord is the red lines on the line and black line, the other is used in MOS tube all the way, here, the electrically controlled with electricity, SCM started, drive MOS pipe vibration, make planetary gear motor drops dripping sound. After starting on standby, some electrically controlled throttle calibration function, before entering the standby will monitor the throttle position is high or low or middle.
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