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business technology; new life for an old idea

by:Zhenyu      2020-02-12
On April 27, 1988, this was a digital version of an article in The Times Print File, before it began to be published online in 1996.
To keep these articles as they appear initially, the Times will not change, edit, or update them.
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The conventional motor can rotate the axis at a speed of 10,000 rpm.
At a higher speed, the motor rotor, including the metal shaft and the laminate, wire winding or magnet assembly, is torn by centrifugal force.
This problem bothers the induction rotor.
Type motor and synchronous motor at the top left, for high-power motors.
Real right technology, the new company started at Albany by several former GE employees, developed a solid rotor for an electric motor with no winding or stacking and a capacity of 50,000. p. m.
The designer says the burst strength of the steel rotor itself.
The motor rotates the rotor by sending current through the coil or winding, and the coil or winding generates magnetic force in the stator or outside of the motor and in the rotor.
The magnetic force interacts with each other, which makes the rotor rotate.
The stator winding is located in a slot surrounded by metal, resulting in low efficiency at high speed or high power.
The stator is designed by REM technology to separate the winding through the air gap, thus improving the efficiency.
The motor tends to turn at a constant speed, so gears, transmissions, belts, pulleys, or other equipment are necessary to obtain the speed required to run the equipment.
Using proprietary electronic equipment, the motor of REM technologies changes the current frequency and timing of pulses that reach the motor, thus achieving additional efficiency and precisely controlling the rotation speed. High-power, high-
The speed industrial motor has many applications in the manufacturing industry, and it takes speed and power to make metal parts.
The current technology can cut aluminum at high speed, a relatively soft metal, but for high speed, a more powerful motor is needed
Fast cutting of cast iron and steel.
Engineers from REM Technologies say the machine tool industry can take advantage of 30-
Go to the horsepower motor of 50,000 rp. m.
This new type of motor is technically called the same pole inductive drive motor.
Its design was originally described more than a century ago, but it has not been until recent years that the concept has attracted enough attention from engineers who are highly adaptable to itTechnical components.
A version of this article was printed on page D00007 of the National edition on April 27, 1988, with the title: commercial technology;
A new life with old ideas.
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