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Can gear coupling be made by any shape, size, color, spec. or material?
Taking advantage of Hangzhou Xiaoshan Zhenyu Transmission Co., Ltd.'s product customization support ensures that your product accurately promotes your brand and leaves a lasting impression with your customers. As for the specific requirement, confirm with our Customer Service. Our experienced mechanical engineers and graphic design team can take charge of product finishes according to your guidelines. If you have any inquiries about the final effects of the color, size, or shape, tell us what you require and we'll make coupling look and feel just how you imagined it.

Since founded, Zhenyu Transmission has devoted itself to provide products of high quality and rivalrous price to customers. coupling series manufactured by Zhenyu Transmissioninclude multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type. It is highly resistant to yellowing. During the treatment of fabrics, the treating temperature is reasonably controlled to make sure the dying agent is not going to occur oxidative chemical degradation which leads to yellowing. It is characterized by high efficiency and energy conservation. The product is deeply remembered mainly because of its outstanding features. It has the property of low shrinkage and is not easy to get deformed.

The company culture is to encourage to stay open-minded. We take in individual differences, especially differences in minds, ideas, and mindsets. These differences will strengthen our team's ability by combining different backgrounds, experiences, world views, and expertise.
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