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CNC engraving machine what is the difference between the stepper motor and servo motor

by:Zhenyu      2020-10-28
Servo is a closed loop control, step is open loop control, this is the most basic difference. Specifically, the servo motor is a closed loop control ( Through the encoder feedback, etc) That will be real-time determination of the speed of the motor; Stepper motor is open-loop control, enter a pulse stepper motor will be around a fixed point of view, but not speed are measured. Servo motor starting torque is large, namely fast start. A very short period of time can reach the rated speed. Suitable for frequent start-stop and start torque requirements, at the same time the power of the servo motor can do is very big, can be used very widely in production. Stepper motor start, slowly, through a process from low to high frequency. Stepper motor generally have no overload capacity, and servo motor overload but fierce.

stepper motor start frequency is too high or too much load step easy appear lost or blocked, stops frequently occur high speed overshoot phenomenon, so as to ensure the control accuracy, should handle the ascending and descending speed problem. Ac servo drive system for closed-loop control, the actuator can be directly to the motor encoder feedback signal sampling, internal position loop and speed loop, general won't appear step motor lose step or overshoot phenomenon, more reliable control performance.

the servo planetary gear motor and other ( Such as stepper motor) What advantages

1, precision: implements the position, speed and torque of the closed loop control; Overcome the problem of step planetary gear motor out of step;

2, rotational speed, high speed performance is good, generally rated speed can reach 2000 ~ 3000 RPM;

3, adaptability, resistance to overload ability is strong, can bear the load of three times the rated torque, rapid start to have instant load fluctuation and requirement of special applicable occasions;

4, stability, low speed running smoothly, won't produce similar to the stepper motor during low speed running step run phenomenon. Suitable for high speed response to the requirements of the occasion;

5, timeliness: motor deceleration dynamic response time is short, usually within a few milliseconds.

6, comfort: fever and noise is decreased obviously.

said simple point is that we usually see the sort of ordinary motor, it will be because of their inertia when the power is turned again in a short while, then stopped. And servo motor and stepper motor is say stop, said come away ( Response very quickly) 。 But stepping servo doesn't matter, and each has trial occasions, as a general rule, ac servo motor running smoothly, even in the low speed also won't appear when the vibration phenomenon. Three-phase hybrid stepping motor high smoothness of the fish in two phase stepper motor at low speed, lower than the servo motor.

stepper motor control for the open loop control, start frequency is too high or too much load changed or locked-rotor phenomenon, stop when high speed impact occurred easily. Starter ac servo system for closed-loop control, the actuator can be directly to the motor encoder feedback signal sampling, general won't appear lost step or overshoot phenomenon.

control precision of ac servo motor by the motor shaft after the rotary encoder. For the standard 2500 line encoder of the motor, drive due to the internal used four frequency multiplication technology, pulse volume for 360 & deg; / 10000 = 0. 036° 。 For 17 encoder of the motor, drive each receive 217 = 131072 pulse motor turns a circle, the pulse equivalent to 360 & deg; / 131072 = 0. 00275° Than three-phase hybrid stepping motor subdivided double precision.

stepper motor generally have no overload ability. Ac servo planetary gear motor to have very strong overload capacity and speed of overload and torque overload capacity. Stepper motor without the overload capacity, in order to overcome the inertia torque, to ensure that the stepper motor torque is greater than the required torque.
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