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by:Zhenyu      2020-09-29
Optimal point

the characteristics of the linear motor is directly produce linear motion, and indirect & other produce linear motion; Rotary planetary gear motor, rolling screw & throughout; Compared to its advantage is that ( Specific performance see table below) :( 1) No mechanical contact, momentum was produced in the air gap, in addition to any other outside linear motor rail friction: ( 2) Simple structure, small volume, with at least the number of parts to implement our linear drive, and this is just only: (there is a movement of the parts 3) Running schedule is not subject to any restrictions in theory, and its performance will not because the trip is affected by the size of the change 4) It work can provide a wide range of speed running, which covers from several microns to a few meters per second, especially at high speeds is a prominent advantages: ( 5) The acceleration is very big, up to 10 g: ( 6) To support the smooth movement, this is because in addition to the function of linear guide or gas bearing, there is no other mechanical connection (or conversion device 7) Accuracy and repeat precision is high, the precision for eliminating the influence of the intermediate links, the precision of the system depends on the position detection device, the appropriate feedback device of sub-micron: ( 8) Simple maintenance, due to fewer components, exercise no mechanical contact, which greatly reduces the wear and tear of spare parts, require little or no maintenance, long service life. Linear motor and & other; Rotary motor, ball screw & throughout; Transmission performance comparison table rotary motor + ball screw linear planetary gear motor performance.

the lack of point

on the surface, the linear motor can be gradually replace the ball screw has become the mainstream in the drive linear motion. But the fact is that after the widespread use of driven by linear motor, some in the past did not pay attention to the problems begin to emerge: one is a large linear motor power consumption, especially in the high load and high acceleration motion and machine instantly bring heavy load current power supply system of workshop; Secondly, high vibration, the dynamic rigidity is extremely low, linear motor can't buffer damping effect, easy to cause the machine when high speed movement other partial resonance; A third is calorific value is large, the linear electric motor is fixed in the bottom parts, high fever installation position is bad for the natural cooling, the constant temperature control of the machine tool caused great challenges; Its 4 is not self lock, in order to ensure the safety of operation, the movement of the shaft driven by linear motor, especially vertical motion axis, must be equipped with additional locking mechanism, increase the complexity of the machine tool.

in the application of linear motor, in addition to find the above defects, has seen its advantages respectively. Principal advantage of the linear planetary gear motor is a high speed and high acceleration, but in the process of machining, the acceleration of more than 10 m/s2 save auxiliary time for the whole process of working hours is not much meaning, only in the processing of time is very short, high acceleration makes sense, that is to say, for a piece of complex parts such as mold, the blades cutting processing, the advantages of linear motor are not obvious.

based on the above reasons, choose the development of linear motor machine tool companies use the technique of foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, one is to apply linear motor for mass production, positioning direction of the movement, more frequent shift of occasions, such as car parts processing machine tools, rapid prototyping machine and semiconductor production machine, etc. ; 2 it is wide used for low load, process, such as electric machine, water cutting machine, plasma cutting machine, etc.

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